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Can you replace my expired EPIRB battery?

Yes. We are an ACR Electronics authorized Battery Replacement Center (BRC) and stock batteries for most models of ACR EPIRB subject to the following ACR Electronics “Useful Life” Policy:

Products Affected: This policy applies to safety electronic products including, SARTs, EPIRBs, and VHF Radios manufactured by ACR Electronics in Fort Lauderdale, FL, hereinafter referred to as Products.

Preamble: Safety electronics, unlike other types of electronics, cannot be used until they fail. Their only use is in an emergency when they must work. Given the unknown nature of the cumulate effect of extremes in usage, storage and handling that safety electronics can be subjected to over time we feel it is important to establish an interval after which these products cannot be safely relied upon to perform as required in an emergency. While it can vary based on many unknowable factors, we believe the typical useful life of a well maintained safety electronic product is no more than 17 years. After which the product's useful life will have expired and it should be permanently removed from the beacon population or relegated to back-up status.
These products require regular service every 5 years. In addition to battery replacement, this service extends the operating life of the Products by replacing critical components and those that can under certain circumstances degrade more quickly; such as o-rings, activation seals, etc. Products that are not serviced at regular intervals of 5-years, +/- 6 months, may not perform as expected if needed. A lack of service or improper service can cause a beacon’s useful life to expire prematurely.

Policy: The typical service life of a properly maintained Product is limited to 12 years from date of manufacture. Products that are 12 years and 1 month or older from date of manufacture will not be serviced by ACR or our Battery Replacement Centers. A Product that is 12 or less years old from date of manufacture will be serviced as long as the unit appears fit to be placed back into its final operational cycle. Service includes the replacement of those items that must be replaced at service intervals and the verification that the device appears to be in good mechanical and electrical working condition by an ACR authorized service technician.

Disclaimer: ACR and our Battery Replacement Centers reserve the right to refuse to service any Product for no reason. ACR products are designed to withstand repeated exposure to sun, humidity, temperature extremes and salt fog. However, while ACR can choose to repair/replace any product at our discretion, ACR is not obligated to service Products that have been abused or subjected to excessively abusive environments such that the mechanical or electrical integrity of the unit appears to have been compromised. ACR retains the sole right to determine if a product has been abused.

Effective Date: This policy goes into effect immediately and applies to all Products being sold at this time and those that are in the field.