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What is the difference between the ACR ResQFix (ACR P/N 2897) the the ACR MicroFix (ACR P/N 2898)?
The ACR ResQFix and the ACR MicroFix are basically identical. Internally at ACR, these are both manufactured as the Model Number PLB-300 (the third generation of PLB after the PLB-100 and PLB-200). These both have the same FCC approval (FCC ID: B66ACR-PLB-300). The only difference is the color of the trim - the ResQFix has blue trim and the MicroFix has green trim. Additionally, the ResQFix comes with a buoyant, protective flotation pouch. This qualifies the ResQFix as a Category 1 (buoyant) PLB suitable for use on water or land. The MicroFix does not come with the flotation pouch and is considered a Category 2 (non-buoyant) PLB intended primarily for land use.

We prefer and stock the ResQFix version of the PLB-300 due to the fact that it includes the flotation pouch. This allows the user the flexibility to use the unit around water without having to worry about the potential of it being dropped and sinking. The pouch also serves as an excellent protective cover when wearing the PLB on your belt or storing it in your pack.