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What is the difference between the ACR AquaFix PLB (P/N 2797.2 and 2797.4) and the ACR Terrafix PLB (P/N 2798.2 and 2798.4)?
ACR actually offers its PLB in three varieties.  The AquaFix is offered through marine dealers.  The TerraFix is marketed through outdoor equipment dealers.  The AeroFix is sold through pilot supply stores.  These are essentially identical units.  The only real difference is the color of the removable holster - the AquaFix has a blue holster, the TerraFix has a green holster and the AeroFix has a gray holster.  The only other difference is pricing.  You will find that we offer the AquaFix at a much better price than you will find the TerraFix or AeroFix.  So unless the color of the holster is critical to you, you will get the identical PLB from us at the best price!
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