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Located in Seattle, Washington for over 24 years, Puget Sound Inflatables, Inc. has established a reputation as a trusted supplier of life rafts, EPIRBs, PLBs, survival suits and other life saving equipment serving customers throughout the country.  Our customers include every type of commercial fishing, passenger, merchant marine and military vessel.  Additionally, due to an increased awareness of and focus on safety systems, sales of life saving equipment for use on recreational sailboats, powerboats and yachts continues to show strong growth.
Our survival equipment market is no longer limited to marine applications.  The recent approval of Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) for use on land makes the beacon rescue system available to outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds.  Pilots, hikers, snowmobilers, kayakers and other outdoor enthusiasts now can benefit from the same satellite rescue system that has saved the lives of countless mariners for years.

We also service what we sell! We offer U.S. Coast Guard and factory approved inspection and service for most leading brands of life rafts.

We are an authorized ACR Electronics EPIRB and PLB Warranty and Battery Replacement Center. Additionally, we perform service and inspection on all brands of survival suits.
Life Raft Service and Inspection
At our Coast Guard Approved service facility in Seattle, we provide factory authorized inspection and service for the following brands of life rafts:

 Crewsaver Life Rafts

 Crewsaver logo
 BFGoodrich Life Rafts    BFGoodrich Logo.JPG
 Elliot Life Rafts  Elliot Logo.JPG
 RFD Revere Life Rafts   RFD Revere Logo.JPG
 RFD Life Rafts   RFD logo
 Revere Life Rafts  Revere logo

 DSB Life Rafts (Deutsche

  DSB logo
 Toyo Life Rafts  Toyo logo.JPG
 Liferaft Systems Australia
 Beaufort Life Rafts  rfd beaufort logo.JPG
 Avon Life Rafts avon logo.JPG
 Plastimo Life Rafts  plastimo logo.jpg

EPIRB and PLB Service

ACR logo color.JPGWe are a factory authorized Battery Replacement Center (BRC) for EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons) and PLBs (Personal Locator Beacons) manufactured by ACR Electronics.  In addition to being a BRC, we are able to handle most warranty issues and have the necessary equipment for EPIRB and PLB testing and programming.  We stock a complete inventory of EPIRB batteries, hydrostatic release kits, antennas and other parts to ensure speedy service of EPIRBs and PLBs.  Please contact us for any of your EPIRB or PLB maintenance needs.

Immersion Suit Service and Inspection

We inspect and service all brands immersion and survival suits including immersion suits manufactured by Imperial, Stearns and BayleySuit.  Our service and inspection process includes pressure testing of immersion suits for leaks, lubrication of zippers, testing of PFD lights or PFD strobes and proper folding and return of suits to storage bags.