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ACR AquaFix 406 PLB with Internal GPS

ACR Electronics

AquaFixTM 406
406 MHz Personal Locator Beacon with GPS Interface and Internal GPS
ACR Product No. 2797.4NH GPS I/O (Interface and Onboard GPS)
Model: PLB-200
Non Haz-Mat Battery

Discontinued - Replaced by ACR AquaLink
  • Transmits on 406 MHz via the COSPAS-SARSAT satellite system with your registered unique, digitally coded distress signal and 121.5 MHz (SAR homing frequency)
  • Internal GPS acquires LAT/LON when the unit is activated - Within 3 minutes os satellite reception, rescue agencies are provided with you exact position to within 110 yards (100 meters)
  • GPS interface (NMEA 0183) allows you to download your GPS coordinates from a hand-held receiver into your PLB - When activated, your LAT/LON will accompany your 406 MHz signal on the first burst ensuring that your distess message reaches local rescue centers in the shortest possible amount of time
  • Smallest and most functional PLB available - can easily be carried in a pack or pocket; small enough to be worn by skiers, hikers, hunters, kayakers, climbers, pilots or any other outdoor enthusiast
  • Can also serve as a Personal EPIRB (P-EPIRB) attached to a life jacket or survival suit or packed inside a life raft or abandon ship bag
  • Removable holster provides funcionality, style and protection
  • Full functional self test of internal circuitry, battery power, 406 MHz transmission and GPS acquisition
  • Flat, stainless steel antenna wraps compactly around the unit for easy stowage and it easily deployed when needed
  • Floats to avoid loss if dropped in water
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ACR2797.4NH $405.00Out of stock
Discontinued - Replaced by ACR AquaLink.