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ACR Mini B300 ILS Water Activated 121.5 MHz EPIRB

ACR Electronics

Miniature, Personal, Water Activated 121.5 MHz EPIRB
with In-Line Speaker
ACR Product No. 2767

  • Beacon will activate when wet with switch in the armed position
  • Ideal for crewman on workboats, barges and oil rigs
  • Perfect for use as Crew-Overboard system when combined with Vecta2™ Direction Finder
  • In-line speaker emits audio warble to confirm activation and transmission of distress signal or
    to notify of accidental activation
  • Exclusive ACR audio indication of transmission allows effective self-test
  • New, durable, stainless steel antenna is automatically unfolded via quick-release antenna trigger
  • Frequency stability exceeds ETS 300 152 standard
  • Floats if dropped overboard
  • 121.5 MHz (SAR frequency) provides rescue forces with pinpoint homing
  • Compact size with antenna folded
  • Durable double-braided antenna resists distortion when packed for extended periods
  • Multiple lanyards allow many secure methods of attachment
  • LED indicator confirms transmission
  • Diamond knurling on case improves fit and security of grip
  • User-replaceable battery

See "Printable Product Brochure" above for detailed specifications.

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