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EPIRB - Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons

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Welcome to theEPIRBstore at PSI Survival. We are authorized distributors of EPIRBs manufactured by ACR Electronics, world leader in survival electronics.

All EPIRBs rely on satellite relay of distress messages, but there are distinct types. Standard 406 MHz EPIRBs such as the Satellite2TM send a coded signal with a Unique Identifier Number (UIN). Newer GPS-enabled 406 MHz EPIRBs such as the GlobalFix iPro also transmit position information along with the identifier. Time is saved by not having to wait for successive passes of the satellite to determine a position fix on the beacon. All 406 MHz EPIRBs are either Category I, meaning they will deploy automatically if the vessel sinks or Category II, meaning they need to be manually deployed.

All 406 MHz EPIRBs must be registered and updated should any of your contact information change. An Official NOAA 406 MHz EPIRB Registration Form is included with each new EPIRB or units can be registered online at
Please contact us if you have any questions or need help selecting the right EPIRB for your application.  Additionally, please review our FAQ section for answers to common EPIRB questions.