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ACR Category I EPIRB Mounting Bracket

ACR Electronics

Category I Mounting Bracket
Product No. 9435
Fits SATELLITE 406™ (P/N 2754/2756/2772),
GlobalFix™ 406 (P/N 2742)
Product No. 9455
Fits SATELLITE2 406™ (P/N 2774),
RapidFix™ 406 (P/N 2776)
Bracket Only - Requires Hydrostatic Release Kit (Sold Separately)
  • Designed to withstand extremely abusive environments from the Arctic regions to the Tropics
  • Ideal for use in fishing, petro-chemical, freighter, salvage or any other marine application where harsh conditions exist
  • Streamlined, aesthetic design perfect for yachts or racing vessels
  • Innovative, quick-change hydrostatic release mechanism simplifies process of keeping hydrostatic release current
  • Integral de-activation magnet prevents EPIRB from transmitting until deployed
  • Ejector spring designed to throw EPIRB free of obstacles
  • Aluminum manual release tab resists corrosion even throughout long periods of exposure to harsh environments

Size: 17.5 L x 6.25 W x 4.75 H in. (44.4 L x 15.9 W x 12 H cm)
Weight: 3 lbs (1.36 kg)
Material:  High density polyethelene
Color:  White
Deployment:  Automatic, hydrostatic release
Operation:  Automatically deploys EPIRB at water depth of 13 ft (4 m); EPIRB begins transmitting when released from bracket
Certification:  Complies with GMDSS; approved by COSPAS-SARSAT, FCC, USCG
Limited Warranty:  5 years
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