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Life Rafts - Recreational

Welcome to our Recreational Life Raft Department.  We carry a full range of life rafts suited for every mission and budget - everything from a light weight two person personal life raft to heavy duty commercial quality offshore life raft systems that comply with SOLAS requirements.
Our recreational rafts fall into the following sub-departments:
  • Coastal life rafts (in fabric valise or canister with optional cradle)
  • Offshore life rafts (in fabric valise or canister with optional cradle)
  • SOLAS life rafts (include cradle & hydrostatic release unit)

All recreational life raft products are listed below.  Please click on one of our sub-departments if you would like to target your search to a certain type of raft.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need help in selecting the best suited life raft for your application.  We are here to help!