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Revere Liferaft Cradle with Hydrostatic Release Unit

Revere Survival

Aluminum Life Raft Cradle with White Powder Coated Finish, Tie-down Strap & Hydrostatic Release Unit
Cradles fit all of the following models of Revere brand canister rafts:
Revere Coastal Cruiser (discontinued - replaced by Coastal Commander)
Revere Coastal Commander
Revere Offshore Ocean
Revere Coastal Elite
Revere Offshore Elite
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ITEM# Raft Model/Size1+QTY.
 Price Each 
REVCRCOCO Coastal Commander 6$450.00Add To Cart
REVCROO4 Offshore Ocean 4 & 6$450.00Add To Cart
REVCROC6 Offshore Commander 4 & 6$450.00Add To Cart
REVCROO8 Offshore Ocean 8$450.00Add To Cart
REVCROC8 Offshore Commander 8$450.00Add To Cart
REVCROE4 Offshore Elite 4$450.00Add To Cart
REVCRCO4 Coastal Elite 4,6 & 8$450.00Add To Cart
REVCROE6 Offshore Elite 6 & 8$450.00Add To Cart
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