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RFD Ferryman USCG Approved Inflatable Buoyant Apparatus

RFD Beaufort

Ferryman Series

RFD's Ferryman liferafts incorporate the latest innovations in design and manufacturing techniques, providing a top quality range of open reversible liferafts for use in inland and coastal waters, where the emergency evacuation of passengers may be required. Double buoyancy chambers manufactured from a specially formulated polyurethane (PU) proofed nylon fabric. This fabric is highly resistant to abrasion and impervious to corrosion in the marine environment. Far more durable than rubber-based fabrics, the reduced need for repairs results in considerable savings in servicing costs. Welded seams, significantly stronger than glued seams, give the raft an extremely rugged construction.
All Ferryman rafts come with two boarding ramps - one on each side.
ferryman container.jpgAll Ferryman liferafts come packed in a weatherproof container to keep the raft drier and better protected for longer service life. The container is secured to a galvanized steel deck-mounted stowage cradle with a hydrostatic release, allowing for both manual and automatic launching.

Emergency Pack

ferryman pack.jpgThe USCG emergency pack includes bailer, hand pump, sponges, sea anchor, rescue line & quoit, safety knives, paddles, signal mirror, hand flares, flashlight, whistle, first aid kit, repair kit, boat pole with hook.

U.S.C.G. Approval Numbers

Ferryman 25 — U.S.C.G. Approval # 160.010/A101/0
Ferryman 50 — U.S.C.G. Approval # 160.010/A102/0
Weights & Dimensions


 25 Person

 50 Person

Inflated Diameter

 13.5 Feet

 19.1 Feet

Average Freeboard (Fully Loaded)

 18.9 Inches

 23.6 Inches

Container Dimensions



Max Stowage Height

 60 Feet

 60 Feet

Container Weight (Lbs)



Cradle Weight (Lbs)



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