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MES - Marine Evacuation Systems

Puget Sound Inflatables is proud to act as U.S. west coast agent and authorized service facility for Liferaft Systems Australia.

The Liferaft Systems Australia (LSA) marine evacuation system, which delivers passengers and crew, dry shod, directly into liferafts, has proven to be the safest and most effective means of marine evacuation. The LSA Marine Evacuation System (MES) is the only approved system in the world, which evacuates passengers and crew directly from the vessel into large capacity liferafts via an inclined evacuation slide, without the use of a boarding ramp of any type.

The system also has the unique capability of recovering passengers back on board in a rescue situation. Deployment of the LSA MES, which comprise an inflatable liferaft and slide, can be accomplished by one person with minimal training and can evacuate 100 passengers in less than four minutes. The system can either be released by a manually operated vacuum release system or by a hydrostatic release unit. Additional large capacity liferafts can be deployed in conjunction (or linked) with the MES, which allows for the effective capacity of the MES to be increased, as required. There are many advantages for the shipbuilder and ship operator in terms of weight saving and deck space utilisation. The LSA MES is much lighter and more compact than comparable systems with the MES stowage bolted to bedplates on the deck and fitting into an area of 2.4 square metres or less. Evacuation slides are available in various lengths to cater for system installed heights of up to 12.5 metres above the water line, and can be of single or twin path design.

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