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Revere Coastal Commander 6 Person Life Raft in Canister

Revere Survival

The Coastal Commander 2.0 is Revere Survival Inc.'s answer to economy, durability and above all, safety - requiring service just once every three years. Featuring two tubes for greater freeboard and a self-erecting inflatable arch canopy, the Coastal Commander 2.0 is fitted at each corner of the raft with lead weighted deep water ballast pockets to improve stability in rough sea conditions until search and rescue arrives. These, along with many more safety features, help ensure the Coastal Commander 2.0 will keep you safe on the water.

Please note that life raft deck mounting cradle and hydrostatic release system is optional and available at additional cost.  Click here for more information.

12-Year limited warranty on all Revere Commander Life Rafts

Valid only with:

  • Required 3-Year service intervals
  • Service performed by Revere Supply Inc. - certified service stations
  • Proper installation and use in accordance with Revere Owner's Manual
  • Warranty registration
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